Day 2 in the Mountains…

Another beautiful day to ride in Southern California! I met up with my teammate Johnny and we decided to ride to Little Tujunga! This mountain near Sylmar, CA was HOT and FAST! A very fun and fast climb, great for technical riding and practicing your bike handling.



We kept climbing until we got to the top of the first mountain!20150705_155623


Go Fast Bikes




We made it to the Bear Divide Sign and decided to head back! This was an amazing climb, I loved it and really enjoyed the scenery. On the way back from Bear Divide I took a nasty spill. I tried to be Peter Sagan on Day 2 in the mountains and it came back to bite me. I came in fast and before I knew it I found gravel…then I found the pavement. 20150705_162205


After starting the descend it wasn’t too long until I slid out. There was plenty of gravel and I should’ve been a bit more cautious going down. I was honestly just having too much fun, but you live and you learn. After getting up, we determined the bike was in no condition to ride. I broke a shifter and the rear derailleur wasn’t working. We tried fixing it with our multi tool but the cable was damaged in the crash. I was frustrated with myself but mostly wanted to get out as fast as possible. I started walking back and sent Johnny ahead to hopefully get a car to get me out of the mountain. It wasn’t long until good luck struck and some nice guys named Jose and his son Martin gave me a ride back to my car. We passed Johnny on the way back and I waved to him letting him know I’ll see him again soon. All in all it was a tough ride but I can’t wait to conquer Little T!

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