She Wolf Attack Team (S.W.A.T.) Presents : TRACKLANDIA at Encino Velodrome!!!

TRACKLANDIA!!! What an amazing event!! Huge thanks to SWAT and everyone at Encino Velodrome for making this such a fun event for the masses! Tracklandia wasn’t purely about the fixie races. We had 3 live bands come out and provide great music for the first time ever at Encino Velodrome (#milestones). We also had an epic PIZZA TIME TRIAL,  sanctioned potato bag race (USACK) and a very diverse group of friends getting together to support each other and the growth of Womens Cycling here in SoCal!

Tracklandia Spoils of War.


20150816_134837Before Heading to Tracklandia I stopped by Bicycle Coffee to pick up my teammate Cameron Bond. Also met some nice guys that work at that young Bicycle Coffee.


20150816_135801Another sick shot of Bicycle Coffee. This place offers some of the finest coffee I’ve ever tasted and there’s tons of great bike history hanging around the cafe.20150816_135810_HDRCameron hooked it up with the young coffee though. Now we’re off to TRACKLANDIA!!! #PeaceToTheIllest!




These awesome ladies volunteering for SWAT!




JROW (OG Fixie) , Vance Mac (OG Race Organizer) , Elohssa Kel (Da HOMIE)


Allaudin Hightower from Cycle Feed!


Esther Walker (Aventon Factory Team), Nissy Cobb (Team Nissy), Jo Celso (Team Cinelli Chrome),
Selfie with Lady Legends (Esther Walker, Heather MacKinnon, Jo Celso)

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