Lord Of Frogtown 3

Lord Of Frogtown 3 took place on Jan 30th, 2016. A 7 mile loop in the streets of Cypress Park. This is the 3rd installment of the street race. This race served as a proving ground for many racers as this is one of the few races before the anticipated So Cal Fixed Series. Everyone came out guns blazing at frogtown ready to show what they’ve got. They also increased the laps this year from 3 to 5 making the race a total of 35 miles.

Capture by Boostamante Fotos

Introducing one of the newest members of the team : Josh Balvaneda. He’s been racing with us for the past year and he’s put in hard work to get where he is now. By no means is he done, but it was about time we gave him a skinsuit and made it official. Much love Josh, we’re very excited to see you grow and progress on the team. Follow Josh !(Far left below)


Team Fix Fixie at Lord of Frogtown 3 ( Josh , Cody , Kirk , Bryan ) Photo by Dat
Waiting to reg for Lord of Frogtown
Bryan and his homie before the race.
Bryan – Captured by Boostamante
Lead Pack led by Steven (GLK), Jerry (E11), Chris (Orange Pedal), Dante, Kenan (Zero Miedo), Steven, Myself, Cesar (Zero Miedo) and others.
Kirk captured by Jonathan Nunez
Oscar (Pure Fix Racing) closing the gap on my attack.


Overall Lord of Frogtown was a very fun race. Here’s a quick recap of the action from my point of view.

Being in a sprint wasn’t my goal….I wanted to just be on the front attacking the field the whole race. I took a lot of pulls on the front and bridged a few breakaway attempts. I was trying to see where my fitness was because when it comes to OC Brakeless its very likely a break or sprint will happen but I just wanted to see my limit and how hard I could go before I gassed out. To my surprise on last lap I still felt good and went for the early sprint. I led the entire 4th lap…rested a little then attacked last lap. NY and I had short gap and I tried working as hard as I can but I got tired and the pack swarmed. Now we had a full pack of wolves grouped together for the sprint. As we approached the finish about 2 miles out the group started fighting for position. I was boxed by Willow and Kenan when they swarmed. Willo did a little bait and switch with someone while I was stuck on the inside. He took off and Dante and NY already took off as well. At that moment I knew my race was over because I missed the jump. Taught me about how I need to position myself better because I still had legs at the end but if I’m not with them when they make that final sprint I can kiss the win good bye. I still managed to get around a few people and finish in the top 10 which made me happy. Overall it was a great learning experience and presented myself with some new challenges and goals for myself going into the next race. Very proud of my teammates Bryan, Kirk and Josh. They hung in there as long as they could and put in a valiant effort. Very stoked for this upcoming season.

Until next time –





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