The Sweet Ride

My boy Daniel always brings some challenge and adventure to the ride. These past few weeks have shed some new light on LA for me. I appreciate the city I live in and the great people I share it with. Peep the fun below!

Brian, Zach, Jeff, Daniel, Cody Grubbin after the ride!
Exploring Elysian Park with the squad (Raf, Jenny, Chants, Austen, Daniel, Zach)

Every ride is a new destination. We’ll typically do 1 really challenging climb and then a bit of exploration around that climb before we head back for breakfast. Everyone brings good vibes and we explore the nook and crannys of Burbank, Glendale, La Canada, Pasadena and Griffith.

#SweetRide on the move!
Always having fun! (Jeff and Austen enjoying the climb)
We mobbin city to city before you make it to work! And yes that is Phil Gaimon in the cut. He’s a down to earth guy who just loves to ride like the rest of us. Mad love and respect.
Raf and Brian enjoying the views.
Daniel putting the hurt on me at Scholl Canyon. Took my Road Runner Roll Top with me since I head to work after the ride.
Phil’s goodbye ride! Good luck in Europe brotha!


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