The Root of Happiness

Major Key : Smile more captured by Daniel

Palm Trees and Perfect Sky’s.

Fixie Reunion Captured by @Boostamante.Fotos

Top Row : Isaiah (Sadboy), Barra (Green Leaf Killers), Steven (Neu York), Kirk Tsonos (FwdSet), Cameron (TheLostCyclist) , Dante Young (Pedal Mafia), Jamil Gray (TheEstablished), Gio (Orange Pedal), Rick (TrafikLA), Mike Chacon (UNDFTD, LEADER BIKES), Leenstradamus (Throne Cycle), Rory McDermott (Palms Cycle)

Middle Row : Jason Rivera (Pure Fix), Cristian Martinez (Throne Cycles)

Bottom Row : Angel Munoz (Endo CNCPT), Angel Fricoo Zafra 4rm MTV, Ramon Ramos (Big Orange), Andrew

Fix Fixie shop ride meets every Saturday at 10am roll out at 11am. Captured by Fix Fixie Shop

Arnaldo (Slink), J KashFlow, Raz, Me, Bryan, Kovu Davis


Kirk’s first time to Stunt Rd
Kirk also races for So Cal Cross!
Cinelli Experience with American Classic Sprint 350 Tubeless Wheels
Started to drizzle on the way home. Clouds coming in.
View from the top of Stunt Rd looking towards SFV.


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