Yes Man

Often times I find myself saying YES too often. Whether its staying up too late, yes to peer pressure, or yes to Big Rock Dr repeats. Sometimes I have to dial it back and make sure I’m not overwhelming myself to stay sane. Since I realized this I’ve been working on balancing what life has to throw at me, but it was hard trying to do it on my own. Well my boy Brad hooked me up with his medium roll top and co-pilot bag so I wouldn’t be so alone! I love how it has a big reflective strip and easy stow pockets. This bag is perfect for my around town commuting; whether it’s getting to school, work or randomly staying out longer than expected. You name it this bag can handle it. I usually have my laptop, extra change of clothes, shoes, tools and some Rip Van Wafels stashed away. If you know you will be out for extended period of time I would highly recommend upgrading to foam padding and waist straps HERE. If you’re like me, you’re just like yeah I’ll take it as is and just hit the streets with it. First thing I noticed was how comfortable I felt on the bike. Fresh bag, comfy shoulder straps, stylish leaf print, awesome weatherproof zipper and it’s rolltop design just make it a solid all around performer. Brad has came from a competitive fixed gear racing background. He’s stays locally involved with the cycling community by sponsoring local fixed gear teams or hosting his own events like the DIY – Swap Meet (Flyer at bottom of post.).

Road Runner Medium Rolltop – Leaf Print Cordura
I never leave home without a Road Runner. – Especially my Co-Pilot!
Road Runner x Bolla Kills x Origin 8 x Volar Active
Feeling nimble with my road runner. Always staying perfectly snug on my back!
Leafprint Rolltop blending in with my surroundings.
Riding across the city!!! Road Runner gives you WINGS!!
Cody loves to FLEEXX!!!
Mountain Face
The Steel Steed.
Volar Active x Giro
Bolla Kills – #AllCityKillers – Everyday Sweatshorts
Griffith down to my socks.

Photos by : Daniel Redwood


Follow Road Runner Bags – Check them out locally at Fix Fixie Shop

Follow Volar Active – Made in partnership with DeFeet, order yours HERE.

Follow Bolla Kills – All City Killers gear HERE.

Follow Origin 8 – Stocked locally at Fix Fixie Shop

Be sure to swing by Road Runner for their Roof-Top DIY and Bike Part Swap Meet.

Sunday – March 6th – 12 NOON – 303 E 4th st, Los Angeles, CA 90013



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