Bonding With Friends

Cherish the time you spend with your friends. Many of us are taken too early and without warning. I appreciate my friends so much. I had a close call descending the other day and it just made me really appreciate the good times I have on the bike and respecting the risk that we all take every time we ride. Whether it’s commuting or climbing mountains, we always take a risk with our lives. This is a cheers to the bliss we all find when riding with friends and family. A cheers to breaking limits and finding yourself through the physical struggle we choose to endure. Find yourself and be about it. If you’re having trouble finding yourself, take a friend with you and discover what you couldn’t on your own. The ride begins here…

Descending from the Hollywood Sign.
Mandatory hardstyle with the squad! (Cody, Chants, Alex, Chris)
Foggy Hollywood Sign (Chris, Chants, Alex)
Time at the park well spent.
Getting ready to start Tour De LA with Barra and Kirk! Barra ended up getting the winning time on leap year! Congrats brotha!
Daniel and John in palm tree paradise.
Fog was crazy!!


Coffee post ride.  #BeABlackSheep



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